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Quick tips for a healthier carpet!

When most people step out of the shower, the first thing they do is dry from top to bottom. Which makes perfect sense! EXCEPT when you start walking into your bedroom or another area that is carpeted with wet feet, you are tracking that water and leaving it right there in the carpet. Seems like it should be fine, but its not. Your carpet is able to handle small amounts of moisture, but when repeatedly introduced to moisture and friction daily, it wears away at the fibers depleting their natural ability to wick away the moisture it's meant to handle. As your carpet fibers weaken, they begin to hold on to more odor causing bacteria, allows dirt to attach easier causing discoloration, and makes cleaning those high traffic areas much harder. To solve this issue, make sure you step out of the shower onto a washable carpet (not area rug- Because they cant be thrown into the washer). You'll want something washable because "slow evaporating moisture", breeds bacteria and you'll want to wash this rug about every other week (depending on the amount of wet feet that step on it). You wont need to wash it too often, just use your best judgement for how much water it collects and holds. You could get away with every other month if you're good at drying your feet before stepping out!

So just remember to keep your primary carpet healthy, start with your, put your best foot forward.....whatever.... you get it! Dry your feet before stepping onto your carpeted floors. -Papa Elf

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